How we get there


Use less fuel:                                                     

Avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration.         

Keep your tires properly inflated.               

Remove extra weight from the car.                   

When doing errands, try to combine them to reduce your driving.                                         

Avoid getting stuck in traffic.                         

Cruise control.                                                       

Use less air conditioning.

Buy used ~ Buy Hybrid or electric vehicles

Walking ~ Biking;

Walk or bike within 2 miles of home

Walk or bike to public transit       

Promotes health

Trains and Subways;

Less air pollution                                   

Less emission per person because it is shared                                                 

Develops electric transport systems.           

Less production embedded than individual cars                                                   

Promotes community


Avoid flying                                         

Flying contributes about 2% of the world's global carbon emissions plus the infrastructure embedded in the industry 


Fly nonstop                                               

Fly less                                                     

Fly shorter distances                               

Fly economy class.