Paper variations;

Flattened cardboard, newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail, and cartons


Metal cans, aluminum foil (ball up at least 2" in diameter), and pie tins should be recycled. This metal can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality

Plastic containers;

Hard plastic only. If you can put your finger through it don't put in a bin. Less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled



Glass containers;

Fastest recycle to package time. Glass can be recycled infinity with no loss of purity. Get cash refunds for glass containers!


Many garages and auto-supply stores accept oil for recycling.



Keep valuable materials out of landfills

Reduce energy use

Reduce pollution and emissions

Recycling in bins

* Don't forget to recycle dry and free from most food waste

Recycling in other places

Scrap metal;

Scrap metal recyclers will often accept various metals for $

Plastic bags;

Many grocery and retail stores have collection bins.


Most garages are required to accept and recycleused tires when replacing.

Batteries and electronics;

Look for in-store recycling bins or advertised collection events.