Making your own pet food;

Healthier for your pet                                                      

Less food packaging for landfills         

Saves you money              

Brings awareness to what foods are  good or bad for your pet 

Supports pet cookbook authors

Live music;

Active and engaged experience vs. passive one

Understanding music as communication vs. background noise

Encourages a culture that creates and presents music

Supports livelihoods of musicians

Participation produces an exchange of energy which motivates musicians and enhances an active audience experience

Toilet paper:

America uses more toilet paper than any other country                             

Most toilet paper is not made from recycled material                                 

Forests are being depleted to make toilet paper                                                              

Fast-food packaging:

Fast-food packaging contains perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) which cause health risks

Fast-food packaging rarely goes into a landfill

Fast-food packaging is 50% of marine debris

Fast-food packaging is a large portion of litter

Fast-food packaging is mostly paper. Trees carbon-fix our planet and provide eco-environments                                

Ignoring the consumer machine

We are saturated with ads daily.                Question the persuasion;

Do I need this product to feel a certain way?         

Will I use this product once and then throw it away?

Will I be able to reuse it? How?

How durable is it?

What is this ad telling me about my value?